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Pandora Society is a group of people that shares the love for role playing games. Although people of all ages have participated in our activities in the past, the core of the group consists of people in the age range 18-40. Members come from distinctive social and professional backgrounds and bring all kinds of expertise (engineering, economics, chemistry, sports and teaching to name a few). The founding members of the society have been working with kids and hence realized the educational value of role playing games.

In the last couple of years, Pandora Society started working with school-children to help them develop both communication and English language skills. The response was unexpected and overwhelming: kids started participating in the collaboration process of role playing games in ways we never anticipated. They became more social and confident, they enjoyed themselves while being educated without the pressure of traditional, obsolete educational methods. We are strongly believing in the incorporation of role playing games in teaching of all ages!

Throughout the last few years, several projects have been undertaken. World building, fiction writing, new rules systems, encounter and non-players character creations, game mastery workshops and campaign setting creations are among them. Perhaps the most notable one though, is Erevos, a living world that has been used by multiple playing groups the last years. A setting that incorporates all player creations, choices and adventures and let them evolve to affect the evolution of the world! Find out more about Erevos by clicking here.

Pandora Society is also organizing with the support of EU, youth exchanges funded by Erasmus+. Our goal is to share cultures, learn the history and mythology of distinctive European counties and in the same time socialize, train our language skills, sharpen our creativity and develop communication skills while bonding with like mined people. The first rpg related youth exchange we ever participated in was held in Iceland 3 years ago and was organized by our German partner, Dragon Legion. Our upcoming event is in Athens in March 2017! Find out more about our upcoming youth exchange by clicking here.

So far Pandora Society has collaborated with hundreds of people from several European countries (Germany, Estonia, Iceland, Sweden, Finland, Belgium, United Kingdom, Cyprus and Greece), our hope is to expand this network all across Europe and the rest of the globe.

Become a member of Pandora Society today and join a team that will guide you in endless worlds while you train your skills and most importantly HAVE FUN!

Events are taking place regularly, our goal is for hundred more players to inhabit Erevos’ dark corners by the end of 2018.

Welcome to Pandora Society!

Welcome to Erevos! Decide, act, shape the World!

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