Greece 2017: World-building in Athens. 5

Join us this March, on the youth exchange that will take place in Athens. 60 young people from ages 18 to 30  will experience 10 days of immersive world building and setting crafting. Participants from the United Kingdom, Belgium and Greece will get together for a unique experience of collaborating, creation writing, and role playing. With the support of European Union (funded by Erasmus+), we have managed to secure the funding that will cover the tickets from and to your country (UK and Belgium), the cost of living in a beautiful mountain guesthouse in Parnitha Mountain named Mpafi, which includes all 3 meals!

We are all going to become mythology creators, we will take the place of Homer and Hesiod, we will create new worlds, filled with events,locations divine entities and rich stories. Then we will put them to the test by role playing in them. Our characters will walk the roads fellow participants have created, we will fight the monsters on sunken temples that groups of other players have meticulously crafted, we will meet and talk with non player characters, Kings and Queens, heroes from another time that you and me will bring them to life for the game. We will shape the world and leave our mark on it.

World building in Athens 2017 event will use role playing games as the means to bring cultures together. We will share our experiences, European countries will become one under the blue sky of Athens with a sole purpose. To have fun! To learn as much as possible from our English and Belgian friends when they will learn about the Greek hospitality and ways.

Spread the word,

join us in Athens this March, press here to apply.

Decide, act, shape the world!

Pandora Society.

See images and find out about the event that took place in Mpafi here

and on our facebook page

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5 thoughts on “Greece 2017: World-building in Athens.

  • Vasiliki Adamopoulou

    Oh my God…or as ancient Greeks would say “Μα το Δία”!! This seems to be a great event, I am totally sure that especially our friends from the UK and Belgium will fall in love with Greek mythology!! I have participated before in 2 events organized by Pandora and Dragon Legion and it was a unique experience!! I am looking forward to getting again into the roleplaying spirit 😀

    • Madnick Post author

      Good to hear from you Vasiliki! We are looking forward to seeing you again, after battling Vikings and learning about the Sami culture, it is time to start building your worlds! Prepare your self and your friends, because Erevos is a dark place, and it needs your light to shine! The cities and kingdoms you are going to create will shape the world for ever.The heroes and villains that you will play will save or damn the lands for everyone. See you there!

  • Jeremy Lowbark

    This sounds really interesting, how can I reserve a spot for myself and my role playing group? I am from London and the group I usually gm is roughly 6-8 people. We are all students at the Imperial College and we love the idea of creating something that people can actually use in their games. If the spots are already filled I would like to get together with the organisers of the event for an opportunity to participate remotely with Skype or any other technological mean during the event. We are really excited that people are actually investing in this kind of events, and we are more than willing to give our free time to participate and help bring it to life.

    Thanks and I hope this will be seen in time.

    • Madnick Post author

      Welcome Jeremy,

      I am glad to hear that more people are interested in our project, and even happier that we are like minded. We still have some spots for both UK and Belgian participants so you better hurry up and send us an email at Soon we will have an application form here on the site so that everyone will be able to register online. Until that happens an email will suffice to reserve you a spot for the event ( name, date of birth, country of residence and a small paragraph with the experience you got in role playing games if you got any.)

      Regarding Skype, we are open in using as much technological help as we can to increase our numbers of participants. Though we have to ensure that it will not hinder the experience for all the people that have actually travelled to become members of Pandora Society. We will keep you posted regarding our decisions here on our site. So stay tunes to find out!