Iceland 2014: Pandora Society and Dragon Legion event.

We participated in an event in Iceland in September 2014. The event hosted 30 youths from Greece, Germany and Iceland and was organized by Dragon Legion with support of EU (funded by Erasmus+). We shared our games in English and enjoyed the amazing hospitality of the Icelanders for 8 days. The gaming sessions were run so that all the players would have a great understanding of Norse Mythology, using famous tales and legends to craft the story that took our characters to Helheim and back. They worked with the Norse Gods to ensure passage to Valhalla and they became the heroes of their time!

We stayed in a scout shelter and visited the first parliament of the Vikings, Þingvellir, where our characters had an actual in-game hearing!

Visit our partner (Dragon Legion) website and follow them too on their amazing travels, you will probably find us there too!




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