Greece 2018: Erevos at War! 2

Dear friends,

Pandora is very happy to announce its upcoming role playing event! One more opportunity to role-play, create, develop skills, meet new people and visit Greece! The event will take place June 15th to June 26th. The participants will come from UK, Belgium and Greece. The venue this time is near Kalavryta, a mountain resort in Achaia, 2.5 hours away from Athens. The event is again funded by Erasmus+, so travel, accommodation and food (3 meals) are free. Participation fee is 50 Euros. All participants will have private rooms (4-6 people per room max). Check out our hotel here.

Story-wise, the dark is about to unleash its forces upon Erevos. If the world is to survive, it needs everyone! Will the wealthy, high-class merchants of Auruma manage to cooperate with the cannibals from the Calaban Empire? Will the constantly smiling people of Aurelius accept new cultures among them in order to survive? Will long-time rivals and stand-alone powerful people put their differences and personal agendas aside to face the common enemy? It is all up to you! The future of the world is in your hands!

The schedule of the event will roughly resemble the one in Mpafi. You can expect, two sessions per day, partially creative and the rest role-playing, a mid-day intermission for lunch / rest and 2 free days with several options among which trips to nearby beaches. We are also looking for people to help us organize the gaming part of the event; if you are interested, contact us to discuss how you can get involved!

Spread the word,

Join us in Greece this June , press here to apply

Decide, act, shape the world!

Pandora Society.

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2 thoughts on “Greece 2018: Erevos at War!

  • Thomas Gits

    Hi there!

    I’ve been active in Erasmus+ for 5 years now and i’ve always dreamt of combining E+ with Role-playing events!
    it’s great to see that people have found their way to this possibility to connect European people around role-playing and world-building!
    I don’t have that much experience with Role-playing, I’ve larped in 3 events as a figurant, and when i did my European Voluntary Service in Prague i created a D&D group and DM’ed a campaign.
    But even though i’m kind of a noob/peasant in the role-playing scene, i love it a lot!
    If you need help, from the Belgian perspective, please let me know.
    I can’t help in any way with the writing of the Grant Application of Erasmus+ and so forth, since i work for JINT, the Erasmus+ National Agency of Belgium (the Flemish one).
    But i would love to help wherever you could use help to support the building of a European community based on role-playing. I personally think E+ is a very good (financial) backbone and structure to create this network and there are definitely more opportunities to look into.
    If you need help, let me know, i’d love to help, you can contact me personally on T********
    Hope to hear from you! I wish Erevos all the best!

    • Madnick Post author

      Hey there Thomas, thank you very much for getting in touch with us. We will contact you as soon as possible to get you involved with the team we already have in Belgium. In the meantime, if you are interested in getting into the world of Erevos you can read some of the lore of the world here And stay tuned on this site and our Facebook to get an invitation for our next Erasmus project!